Alan Dean Artist

Art Prints and Greeting Cards Stands

Art Prints and Greeting Cards Stands Special offer for restaurants, retail outlets or social organizationsonly only
The problem that most of us have as a small business is that it costs so must to advertise our products or services to the public. But what if you can make money while you promote your business? I believe my art prints stand or greeting cards stand can do this for your business. I am willing to put an advertisement of your business on each poster when you purchase two or more art prints, or greeting cards stands. If you purchase one art prints or greeting cards stand it will come with our standard display poster. These art prints stands are so inexpensive for its value that you can purchase more than one or one a month and station them in any retail place in your city where people shop or gather. Also, I will put your business advertisement on the back of each art print displayed in the art stands that you purchase. Every art print sold will carry your advertisement home with it. If you do this, each stand will serve to make you money as well as advertise your business to the public at the same time. Each art print will cost you $4.00 wholesale but with a retail price of $8.00 you can give each location $2.00 from each copy sold and you will still make $2.00 profit off each print. Each art prints stand that include, one wire stand, one display poster, and 100 packaged copies size 8.5x11 inch at a value of $800.00 will only cost you $250.00 with free shipping. To purchase an Art Prints or Greeting Cards Stand, please email