Alan Dean Artist



Limited Edition of 100 Prints Print size: 18x24 inches, packaged in plastic with a cardboard backing Each print is numbered 1 to 100 and personly signed by the artist Each print will come with a certificate of authenticity $300.00 each Plus $20.00 shipping
Limited Edition Prints Pricing I will only produce a limited edition of either 500, 300, 100, 50 or 25 prints because I believe that anything more than 500 copies wouldn’t be a limited edition. I am sure that most people understand that the fewer copies there are in a limited edition, the more each copy must cost. To understand why a limited edition print has the price that it does we must start with what is the standard cost for a copy sold with no limits. For example, if an unlimited print the same size as a print in a limited edition cost $50.00, then a print from a limited edition of 500 prints must be sold for at least $100.00 each. Based on this scale, if a limited edition of 500 where each copy cost $100.00, then an edition of 300 prints must have a price of at least $200.00 each. So, I believe that most people would agree that $300.00 a copy is acceptable in a limited edition of only 100 prints. To continue with this scale of pricing a limited edition of just 50 copies must be rated at least $500.00 each, and a limited edition of 25 must have a price of at least $700.00 a copy.

The Vardon Grip

How do limited edition prints grow in value? As an artist, I plan to continue to produce limited edition art prints relating to golf for the wonderful people playing the game of golf around the United States. Also, I intend to continue to strive to have art exhibits and musical shows at as many golf clubs as I can. The more golf clubs that invite me to have an art exhibit and music show at their golf club the more popular my limited edition prints relating to golf will grow. And, the more well known I become as an artist producing collectible art prints for the golfing community the more valuable The Vardon Grip edition prints, my first limited edition will be.
You can own print numbered 6/100 if you buy it now There are only 90 prints left in this limited edition and the lower the number of your copy the more valuable it is.
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