Alan Dean Artist
Alan Dean Shariff introduces a unique perspective on the social and religious problems of today in his new book, Climbing the Stairway to Culture. Alan said in his book that all who consider Abraham to be the father of their faith suppose to all belong to the same religion worshipping the same one God. That the same message God gave to Noah is the same message that He gave to Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed. And, the different beliefs we find in religion are that after these Prophets of God, some of their followers eventually changed the original message given to their prophet. Some of them also accepted some prophets and rejected others. Or, they raised one prophet to be on the level of God or more important than all the others. Alan claims that there are only two kinds of people on earth. Those who accept that all good is from God and that all bad is from ourselves, and those who don’t. Those who God will bless to live forever in paradise in the next life, and those He won’t. “Peace, my name is Alan Dean Shariff. I want to share with you my understanding of culture, religion, and the real purpose of life that God has blessed me to understand. This understanding, I believe, will help you to see why we are having so many problems in our religions and the world today. Also, what it is going to take for humanity to get back on the right track.”